Saturday, February 23, 2013

Python Script to Log Into DVWA: article 201303

Very similar to my last post this is just a simple script using Python with Mechanize to log into Damn Vulnerable Web App from OWASP.

Here is the script:


import mechanize

browser = mechanize.Browser()"")
print "#" *50
print "# " + browser.title()
print "#" *50 + "\n"

# There is only one form on this page so I jump right in


#below I am filling out the form fields and submitting
browser.form['username'] = 'admin'
browser.form['password'] = 'admin'

print "#" *50
print "# " + browser.title()
print "#" *50

Here is a screen shot of the output.  Notice I print the title of the "Log In" page and once credentials are submitted the I print the title of the "Welcome" page.



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