Sunday, July 4, 2010

iPHONE Apps for Information Security: article 201003

I have had the iPhone 3G for a little over a 1/2 a year now and in that time have accumulated some apps that could come in handy for the InfoSec Engineer / Analyst. In this write up I quickly describe one of my two folders of tools.

Screen shot 1:

RBL Status: A nice look up tool to see if a domain is on any one of 13 Black List services.

Nice Trace: A handy little trace route tool that constantly updates connection times to each hop; results can be emailed.

Scanner: A handy little tool that will automatically scan the network your device is connected and report back any other hosts it finds.

Scany: The closest to NMAP I could find. This is great little enumeration tool for open ports on systems.

Deep Whois: A great WHOIS lookup tool enumerate more info on a FQDN.

Base 2 Converter: Decimal to and from Binary conversion and ASCII to and From Binary conversion. This little tool comes in handy when I perform analysis and need help with data normalization.

ASCII2BIN: More conversion options than Base 2; HEX and Octal conversions too.

iRegex: Regex tool that verifies your expression for you and then you can email it off to cut and paste if needed. Handles POSIX and PCRE.

PING: The name speaks for itself but this tool also pings a subnet, performs traceroute, and telnet.

CP HexCalc: Calculator and converter for HEX, DEC, BIN, and OCT.

Subnet Calc: A nice calculator for carving up subnets.

RDP: A bear to use on the iPhone because of the screen size but does work in a pinch.

Folder 2 tools coming soon.