Monday, June 22, 2009

Unetbootin for OS on a USB Stick: article 200909

OS on a Stick; Super Quick with just a Click!

For father's day I received an Acer Netbook. What a great toy and what I was most excited about was to have an Atheros wireless NIC compatible with BackTrack 3 and Kismet. I was actually dreading that I was going to have to work to get BackTrack installed onto a USB to boot the OS on my XP OS Netbook. To my suprise while researching the web on how to do this and proactively search for any gotcha's I came accross a great tool found on Source Forge; Unetbootin. This is a stand alone app that will not only go and retieve the ISO image for you but will install it onto the USB as well! Viola, with selection of a couple of drop downs and radio buttons you are ready to go; click the OK button and sit back. In less than 30 minutes I had downloaded (thanks to my 20 down 5 up ISP) and installed two USB bootable OS'es. Ubuntu and BackTrack 3.

Check it out:


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